S3E1 - Episode 25 - Intro to Ciphers

What's a Cipher, and what is this season gonna be?

Episode Notes

We're doing a short, 4 episode season specifically on the Ciphers before Season 4, all about the suspects. In this introduction, we look at the basics of what a cipher is, how they can be abused, and the barebones of why it matters.

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S2E5 - Kathleen Johns

A possible Zodiac abduction

Episode Notes

Kathleen Johns, who sadly passed away in 2002, was abducted while on Highway 132 heading from San Bernadino to Petaluma. WAs it Zodiac? She thought so.

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S2E4 - Donna Lass

The Missing South Lake Tahoe Nurse

Episode Notes

A postcard tied the disappearance to the Zodiac, but what else?

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S2E3 - The Murders of Richard Domingos and Linda Edwards

The Possible Santa Barbara Murders

Episode Notes

Two teens at the beach on Senior Ditch Day, are murdered, shot with a .22, Winchester Super X bullets, but was it an early Zodiac killing?

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S2E2 - Cheri Jo Bates - Part 2

The Possible First Zodiac Crime...

Episode Notes

We return from a LONG break to finish up our look at the murder of Cheri Jo Bates, about whether or not it was related, and what it meant.

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S2E1 - Cheri Jo Bates

A look at the 1966 Murder in Riverside

Was this murder in Riverside related? Is Bates the model for so many murder victims in popular culture? Did Zodiac do it? The first part of three.

S1E19 - The Canonical Murders

December 1968 to October 1969

A review of the four attacks in Benicia, Vallejo, Lake Berryessa, and San Francisco, and what they as a whole might tell us.

S1E18 - Letters - October to December 1969

A look at the letters that may tell us that this was the end.

We look at the letters following the murder of Paul Stine, the reasons these feel like Zodiac knew that he wasn't going to do it again, how Melvin Belli fit in, and why would he be so poor at spelling.

S1E17 - The Second of Paul Stine

Why did Zodiac stop?

A look at the Stine murder theory as to why the car went an extra block, about what might have happened, and a lot of talk about whether or not Zodiac simply stopped.

S1E16 - Paul Stine

The end of the murders

A look at the murder of Paul Stine, and the beginning of a discussion of why Zodiac stopped here. We're looking to interview anyone who knew Paul and could give us some more insight on him.